Introducing The 19 Day Tobacco Cleanse and Cure

I’m a very lucky girl because I’ve met some incredible people doing something that I’m passionate about (helping individuals stop smoking forever), and that makes me extremely grateful.

Each morning I go for what I call a “moving meditation”, something I recommend to all of my quit smoking clients. My dog is my pace car, and we click along at a fairly fast clip while I do my very best thinking. I start by connecting to love for all my family, friends and acquaintances throughout the world. Even if I haven’t met you yet, I do care about you and your health. I then embrace an attitude of gratitude and name five things I am thankful for and one thing I forgive (this might be a person, myself, or a thing). Next step is to visualize my perfect day, and my perfect life (although it is pretty perfect already), and this clears my day for whatever might come along.

Great ideas come to me whenever I am open to hearing what the universe has to say, and last week I received the idea to open up a new course. It’s called the 19 Day Tobacco Cleanse and Cure and it was created to help young, motivated, weekend warrior types stop smoking so they can feel amazing, look amazing, and live a long, high-energy, adventure-filled life. I’ve got the outline ready to go, I’ve got the topics, I’ve invited the guest speakers, and I’ve had some overwhelming response. So much so that I have had to create a waiting list. Funny how the Universe works sometimes right?

I have started the process of interviewing students. This will be a really fun course because you’ll be surrounded by people just like you, plus you’ll get to learn how to stop smoking, cleanse your body of all the harmful chemicals left from smoking, and cure your need to ever light up another smoke again. But there will be so much more too. You’ll learn how to take action over fear, you’ll learn about mindfulness, meditation, self-love, and curing your body of stress and anxiety as well as cravings to smoke. It’s a brand new way of thinking and being that I think you will really love.

Who’s in?

Get on the wait list here:


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Unsure of if you’re ready for a change? Are you:

-Are you done feeling uncool about where and when you are allowed to smoke?

-Are you ready to have more money to do more of the fun things that you love like hiking, biking, mountain climbing or just chilling on a beautiful tropical beach somewhere?

-Are you ready to meet a loving life partner who doesn’t reject you because you smoke?

-Are you ready to look and feel amazing inside and out because there is more oxygen cycling through your entire body?

If you said yes to any of these, it’s time for a change.

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