Calling All Health Coaches!!

This is a Game Changer!  Becoming a Quit Coach, like me, is a great way to grow your client list, fill in those empty time slots in your coaching calendar, and make a huge impact in the world, one client at a time!

Think about this.  If you have a client who currently smokes, the most important and impactful way to support the biggest results and improvements to their health is to assist them to quit smoking (tobacco or weed or both).  Our clients want to feel amazing.  They want to feel healthy, and despite everything else they might do to achieve that goal, like changing their diet, losing weight, or exercising, if they continue to smoke, they are missing an amazing opportunity to really change what is holding them back from their best selves.  This is where you fit in.

The really cool thing about adding cessation to your current coaching niche is that you can start working with new clients right after you complete my online course.  It takes just half a day, and you will have everything you’ll need to launch.  This training is not about teaching you everything you will need to know about addictions and recovery.  Instead, it’s all about teaching you the “what to say” and “what to do” that will allow your client to create their own personalized quit plan, and because your client has made the decision for themselves, it just works.

My tactics are completely selfish because with tobacco use rates hovering around 20% in North America, and higher in some marginalized populations, I am going to need some help if I am to make an impact on smoking rates in the world.  I want to save lives.  I don’t want anyone else to suffer from the ravages of smoking, and I could use your help, and just so you know exactly what to expect from the online course, I’ve included a short video about the course.  Have a peak, and if you have any questions just send me an email (  I’d be happy to welcome you to this elite group of quit smoking coaches living in all parts of the continent.  

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