Why should you even consider quitting smoking?

Why should you even consider quitting smoking? Smoking a cigarette makes you feel good, after all. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it, that sounds pretty obvious. It relieves your stress, you like the taste when you’re out in social situations, and it makes you look cool. But does it really? Here are just a few reasons why you should consider quitting smoking – if you haven’t already.

Life expectancy

It’s no big news that smoking, even occasionally, shortens life expectancy. But did you know that quitting smoking could restore it back to normal? Smoking regularly can steal as much as 10 years of life compared to someone who has never smoker. However, it has been scientifically proven that quitting smoking before your 40th birthday can restore your life expectancy back to that of a non-smoker. Of course, the earlier you quit, the best chances you have.

Even though dropping the cigarette habit early shows the best results, other studies from the USA have demonstrated that quitting even after 60 can still expand life span by several years.

Cardiovascular health

As soon as you stop smoking, you are doing your heart a huge favor, as your body starts to heal immediately. You probably know already that smoking can do a lot of damage to your cardiovascular health. Over time, smoking can cause clogging of arteries, blood thickening, increase of inflammation, and filling of lungs with tar, among other things.

Did you know that just 20 minutes after the last cigarette, blood pressure and heart rate already start going down? That after 2 weeks, your blood flow significantly improves? That after a year, your chances of getting a heart disease have dropped by half? And after 5 years, you’ll be as good as someone who has never ever smoked. The risk of stroke and mouth, throat and oesophagus cancer also drop dramatically. That sounds quite appealing.

Lung health

Lungs are greatly affected by cigarette smoking. Smoke and chemicals introduced to the lungs can make you short of breath and expose you to greater risks of lung cancer, among other things. The good news however, is that most of those risks are reversible.

After just a day, carbon monoxide levels are back to normal in the body. After a month, blood circulation starts improving due to the better processing of oxygen by the lungs. After about a year, breathing and coughing improve dramatically, and risks of lung cancer fall back to levels of a non-smoker within 10 years.

Improved appearance

Quitting smoking can make you look better! With your blood and oxygen flows improving, nutrients can reach your hair, skin and nails better when you stop smoking. As a consequence, you will appear better and healthier every day. Shortly, the nicotine stains will also disappear from your nails and fingers. Your teeth will look whiter, and your eyes brighter. In addition, smoking can accelerate the appearance of face wrinkles, so quitting for good will slow down that process.

Money matters

Last but not least, quitting smoking will significantly improve your finances. Sometimes, it can be hard to realize how much money is actually spent on cigarettes. If a pack costs $10 and you smoke 10 cigarettes every day, that’s already $35 spent every week!

Create a piggy bank with the money you save when you stop smoking and use it for a project you never had the chance to turn into reality: a family vacation or a new TV set, for example.

I hope you now see and understand some of the benefits quitting smoking can have on your health and life. The most important thing to do in this journey is to find a program that suits your needs and wants, and to not be alone. JB Quit Coach offers comprehensive and highly effective coaching to quit smoking for good. Take a look at the Breathe Easy Bootcamp today!


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