That Was Easy….

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I work from a small office where I dispense advice on how to quit smoking for amazing health.  I’ll admit that it is lonely some days, but rewarding to see clients quit, cleanse their bodies of the 4700 plus chemicals found in a lit cigarette, and go on to live an amazing life despite releasing this powerful addiction.

I’ve met some amazing people in this line of work, and one of my newest clients started smoking when he was just seven years old.  This client admits that he does not have a memory of life without smoking.  He has no recollection of what it feels like without chemicals circulating through his body, and despite his ability to conquer every challenge that has come his way, figuring out what his new “normal”, as a tobacco-free guy should be, and when it will kick in, is really unsettling.  I get that!

Quitting smoking is a bit of self-discovery, and healing all rolled together.  When we use cigarettes to treat our emotions, we are missing an amazing opportunity to figure out what we really need.  When we heal and start to feel better we create a new normal.  Sure we might be able to breathe deeper, and cough less, and reduce our blood pressure, and improve our lung function, but without the inner self-discovery that led us to smoke in the first place, we are still a little broken.

So what’s my point?  Don’t let strangers tell you how to quit.  Create your own personalized quit plan because that’s what is going to work the best anyway.  Don’t compare how you are feeling with how others are feeling.  If you have a challenging day on day 7, that does not mean others will have a challenging day on day 7.  Self-sabotage shows up for everyone – we just don’t know when it will show up for you.  There are no predictors for this stuff.  The key is to be ready when it does show up.

Also, don’t let strangers tell you how you should feel.  You might be like my newest client – he has to figure it out, and despite this “new normal” feeling very strange, he remains clean because he has been advised that dire health consequences are looming if he doesn’t.

Many people struggle to quit and feel like failures when it doesn’t work out the way they planned.  Stop beating yourself up.  Instead, look to partner with someone who can really help – like a quit smoking coach who will support and stretch you to succeed.  Show yourself some LOVE, and partner with a quit smoking coach who has a big heart. A good quit smoking coach will help you be curious about what might be broken, so you can start healing from smoking from the inside out.

Think about this for a second.  You would never visit your neighbor to get advice about your pending knee surgery. Instead, you would go to the best knee surgeon in town and weigh out your options.  The same should be done for quitting smoking.  Get as much info as you can, keep the things you know will work for you, and proceed.  I guarantee that if you create, and adopt a personalized quit plan, you will look back and say: “That Was Easy”.

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