To The Future You


You’ve just quit smoking!!  
But don’t leave home without your Survival Kit.  

You know – the things that will make the first 3 to 5 days more bearable, and that will keep you on track.

Need something in your hand?  

Grab a yo-yo, squeeze ball, doodle pad, nail polish, ukulele (because a guitar is just too big), harmonica, knitting needles, and wool, or a fidget spinner.

Need something in your mouth?  
How about sugarless gum, sunflower seeds, mint toothpicks, pumpkin seeds, or ice chips?

Have an intense craving?  
Check your list of reasons to quit, grab your anchor (anchors are what remind you of why you are doing this).  
(HINT) This could be a necklace, a picture of your dog, a song, a verse, or a mantra you love, and that reminds you of your journey to quit.

Going to an event that includes alcohol?
You might need some Nicorette gum to get you through.
Throw some in your Survival Kit, and remember that as a non-smoker, you are now part of the majority.  

About 80% of the population does not smoke, and they seem to party and enjoy themselves just fine, and so can you.

Going out for coffee with a friend?  
Try a herbal or Green Tea instead.  
Orange juice is an excellent option too because it is not usually considered a trigger to smoking, and it provides you with some much-needed Vitamin C, something tobacco users often need more of.

Include a good water bottle in your kit as well, because the more water you drink the quicker you will detoxify.

I’d love to know what you would put in your Stop Smoking Survival Kit.  

Share your creative tips, and be entered to win free access to the Breathe Easy Boot Camp!

I’ll be giving away two free memberships to the Breathe Easy Boot Camp on January 2nd, 2018.

Cheers to A Healthier You in 2018!!

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