Don’t be afraid to learn new things!

I absolutely love learning new things, and maybe I’m a little weird but I love change, but I also know that not everyone does.  For some, change causes stress, and if there has been a lot of changes in their lives, change fatigue can occur.  But what is change and intellectual growth all about?  Well for me, it is about making an impact.  Making an impact in my life, both personally and professionally, making an impact in my family’s life, and making an impact in the life of my clients.
Know what else makes an impact?  Well it’s one thing really – while people care about their personal growth, and the quality of their life experiences, there’s one thing people care about even more than anything else and that one thing is a Sense of Belonging….
In today’s world, we’re lonelier than ever.  Tech and fancy apps are all around us.  Hours and days go by without us even speaking to a live person.  What if personal growth could help us find our best friends in the world.  People who understand us.  People who support our journey.  Then becoming part of a TRIBE, can really change the world.
My wish for you:  Make finding your TRIBE the key aspect of your intellectual journey.
I believe I was always meant to be a quit smoking coach – I am fulfilling my divine potential in life.  My goal is to connect every tobacco user with a coach who will support their efforts to quit for better health outcomes.  This goal got me thinking, and over the last year I started shifting my priorities.  I started working on fine-tuning tribe models for learning, building online training and resources, and adding community by enrolling others in the Become a Quit Coach TRIBE, and now I would like to personally invite you to join me.  Come and be a Quit Smoking Coach just like me.  Come and expand your coaching career to new uncharted areas virtually untapped and just waiting for your mastery of change skills.
Smoking is a global issue.  Tobacco companies and other agencies want us to think it isn’t important, but it is the leading cause of death and illness in our communities.  We can tackle global issues, as one unified TRIBE of Quit Smoking Coaches.
What if the very best personal growth ideas were included, but done so as a community so that you are never out there alone, working in a bubble?
I kind of get goosebumps just talking about it, but I’ve been working in cessation for a long time now, and I’ve seen the impact quitting has had on my clients.  They really feel better, and look better, and who knows what evil health care issues we may have prevented by getting our clients to quit tobacco for good.
Now there are advantages to joining the Become a Quit Coach TRIBE right now.  I will provide
you with a promo code that will save you $100 on training, and if you pay for the course before the end of November, I will give you a copy of the free intake form, and all the documents in the library of awesome stuff in a word format that you can add your own branding to.  Imagine your coaching logo on these amazing handouts for your client.
Plus, you’ll be learning some great stuff :
-benefits of quitting specific to your clients
-tobacco addiction
-drug therapies
-stage of change model
-conviction and confidence model
-how to provide a level of service that matches your clients readiness to quit
-groups to work with and obtain referrals from
and much, much, more….
I’ll give you the scripts and lessons that will get you, and your client the best results.  Everything you will need to be part of this amazing TRIBE immediately after you complete the 3 to 4 hours course (yes it only takes that long), and everything you will need to make a global impact one client at a time..
Are you in?
Are you excited?
Are you ready?
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