Taming Your Triggers

Identify what makes you think about smoking (triggers), and put it into a list. Then, for each trigger, add a list of strategies that will help you cope. Examples of triggers are: after a meal, drinking coffee or alcohol, facing a stressful situation, driving in your car, when you are bored or angry, or after work and during breaks.

Review the following strategies to cope with triggers. Adopt what would work for you, or come up with your own:

Change your daily routine, and more importantly your smoking routine

Change to a less desirable brand of cigarettes, and use your opposite hand (make smoking feel uncomfortable)

Throw out your lighter, and just use matches

Smoke less of each cigarette – draw a line on your cigarette and just smoke to the line, then throw it out

After a meal, get up right away, do the dishes, brush your teeth, and go for a walk

Learn healthier ways to deal with stress, and anger

Think of healthier ways to beat boredom, like a new hobby, or activity

Avoid coffee and alcohol

Make your home and car tobacco free

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